The American Theatre Community Talent Show

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Details: Got talent? Have a special skill you want to show off? Come audition for our 2023-2024 Community Talent Show! The talent show is open to anyone age 10 and up who wants to showcase their extraordinary flair. Dancers, singers, magicians, actors, and more are welcome to audition! You are able to audition with up to two (2) different acts from separate categories. For example: you can audition with a song and then an audition as a comic; or you can audition solo and then with a group. However, you cannot sing two songs and count that as two audition entries. We want to see as many diverse acts as possible, so gather your friends and family and show us what you got! Performers must be available on January 27th at 5:00 PM to review the lineup. 

What: Talent Show Auditions

When: December 2nd 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM (Sign up at the door)

Age: 10+, Adults are strongly recommended to audition

Acts: Singers, Dancers, Actors, Magicians, Jugglers, Yoyo-ers, Comedians, Poets, and any other talent you want to demonstrate

Talent Show: January 27th, 7:00 PM


Are we providing instruments for the people who audition or do they need to bring their own instruments or prerecorded tracks?

We are not providing instruments so they must bring their own instruments and prerecorded tracks. 

If it’s a prerecorded track, do they need to bring a thumb drive?

Yes, we can provide a computer that'll play the prerecorded track. 

Will there be a make-up date for the auditions if someone can’t make it to the December 2 one?

They can send in a video by December 3rd at 5PM. There will not be a makeup day. 

When/How will participants hear back that they made it into the show?

We will call everyone who auditioned with our decision. 

Are the auditions going to be timed per acts? If participants are doing 2 acts, how will the time be split up?

We would like to keep all acts under 7 minutes. If you do two acts then they get two 8 minute slots. 

What is the max number of participants per group (ie a dance troupe)?

There is no maximum number of participants per act. 

Will participants receive comp tickets/reserved seating for the talent show? If so, how many?

There will be no comp tickets Because we aren't charging for the show. The show will be donation based. 

Will there be a special guest judge for the talent show in January?

Will update soon.

Are the participants going to be judged in the actual talent show? Will there be incentives if they win?

Will update soon.

Will this be a closed audition process in that only the panel of judges will be viewing the performer or will it be an open audition

No this is a closed audition process.

How many acts are you estimating to make it through to the talent show?

There will be about 10-15 acts depending on how many people audition and how long they are. 

Will the actual talent show be live streamed?

No it will not be.