Armed Services Arts Partnership

Based in Alexandria, VA, Armed Services Arts Partnership works within communities across the country to give veterans a space for creativity through visual and performing arts. ASAP has been operating in the Hampton Roads community for 8 years, offering classes and workshops in and around Norfolk and Virginia Beach areas. Through Hampton Arts, ASAP will increase veteran access to all both organizations have to offer. Workshops/classes are specifically for veterans, service members, military family members, and their caregivers.

There are currently no upcoming events at this time, however, more information about events/programs can be found on the ASAP website. 

About ASAP (Armed Services Arts Partnership)

ASAP is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides free art and comedy classes to veterans, service members, military family members, and caregivers. Offering an inclusive and thriving community stretching across the country, veterans in ASAP classes gain resilience, confidence, and connection. Through generous supporters, ASAP classes are free to veterans and their families serving more than 600 veterans each year.