At The Charles H. Taylor Visual Arts Center, we believe the best way to keep the arts in your life is by creating art throughout your life. Our educational programs allow visitors and students to broaden their understanding and appreciation of art by interacting with art, artists, and instructors, while expressing themselves through the creation of their own artwork.

The Arts Center has approximately 20 classes in various media throughout the year on a quarterly basis. These include drawing, watercolor, painting, photography, and other media. Both one day workshops and multi-week class sessions are offered. Our award winning artist instructors exhibit widely throughout Hampton Roads and have 10 to 40 years of teaching experience.

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Winter 2024 Class Schedule

Jewelry Creations with Jama Watts - Wed, March 20 & 27

Wednesdays, March 20 and 27 (2 weeks)

6:00pm to 8:00pm

Ages: 16+ 

Class Limit: 12

Price: $65 (HAL members $60), Students must also pay a supply fee of $20 to the instructor.

Do you have cameos or cabochons that you don’t know what to do with?  Want to turn those unused pieces into new jewelry?  In this workshop, instructor Jama Watts will walk students through creating a beaded bezel around gemstone cabochons using a variety of seed beads, fabric, and thread to create a beautiful piece of wearable art. The class is perfect for those who are new to jewelry making or those who want to learn a new skill.  Students who have jewelry-making tools are encouraged to bring them, as there will be limited tools to share. 



Winter 2024 Workshop Schedule

Calligraphy/Hand-Lettering Class 101 with Chris Jeanguenat - Sat, March 2

Saturday, March 2

11:00am to 2:00pm

Class size: 12

Age: 16+

Price: $40, Students must also pay a supply fee of $20 to the instructor.

Pre-requisite: students must know cursive lettering.

Welcome to the beginning of calligraphy/hand-lettering class, where the art of beautiful writing unfolds before your eyes. In this enchanting journey, you will delve into the timeless elegance of calligraphy, mastering the delicate strokes that bring letters to life. Guided by your skilled instructor, you will learn the foundational techniques, from proper posture and pen grip to achieving graceful lines and balanced compositions. Through patient practice and attention to detail, you will discover the meditative qualities of calligraphy, as your hand gradually becomes more attuned to the rhythmic dance of ink on paper.


Whether you aspire to create personalized invitations, captivating artwork, or simply enjoy the therapeutic nature of the craft, this beginning calligraphy class will empower you to express your unique voice through the timeless art form of beautiful writing. 



Art Law for Artists with Robert Gray “Butch” Bracknell, Esquire - Sat, March 9

Saturday, March 9

11:00am to 1:00pm

Class Size: 20

Age: 18+

Price: $10 (HAL Members $5)

In this workshop, visual art and the law intersect in a complex and dynamic relationship, shaping the rights, responsibilities, and limitations of artists. The law plays a crucial role in safeguarding the intellectual property rights of artists, ensuring that their creative expressions are protected from unauthorized reproduction or exploitation. Copyright law, for instance, grants artists exclusive rights over their original works, such as paintings, sculptures, and photographs, preventing others from reproducing or distributing them without permission.


Additionally, laws governing contracts and commissions govern the relationships between artists and their clients, defining the terms of engagement and protecting the interests of both parties. However, the law also faces challenges in balancing artistic freedom and the protection of public interests, such as cultural heritage, freedom of expression, and moral rights. These complexities manifest in issues like censorship, appropriation, and the preservation of public art. As a result, the legal landscape surrounding visual art continues to evolve, to ensure a fair and thriving environment for artists and art enthusiasts alike.



Silk Painting with Mary Swezey - CLASS FULL

Saturday, March 23

10 am to 4 pm

Class Size:  15

Age: 18+

Price: Free, materials fee of $20 to be paid to the arts center

Textile artist Mary Swezey will help you discover the French technique of serti, drawing with a liquid resist to create designs and patterns on silk scarves. Once the resist has dried and set with an iron, fabric paints are applied to complete the design. Students can expect to finish a long scarf. The workshop will also include a brief overview of the history of silk painting. This program has been organized by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and is funded, in part, by the Paul Mellon Endowment and the Jean Stafford Camp Memorial Fund. There will be a short break for lunch – students bring a bag lunch.



Intro to Metal Clay with Bronwyn Evans - Sat, March 23

Saturday, March 23

10:00am to 4:00pm

Class Size: 12

Age: 18+

Price: $80 (HAL Members $75), Students must also pay a supply fee of $45 to the instructor.

What is metal clay and what can I make with it? Join us for this workshop and discover the exciting world of metal clay! In this introductory workshop, you will learn the basic techniques and skills needed to successfully create jewelry using metal clay. From the history and composition of metal clay to the best ways to cut, texture, form, shape, fire, and finish you will learn it all.


We will work with fine silver clay to create a pair of earrings and a pendant. There will also be information about some of the new base metal clays and the different firing techniques they require. If you fall in love with metal clay, the instructor will provide free firings for two months after the class in her home studio. Students can bring a bag of lunch.



Creating Beads with Metal Clay with Bronwyn Evans - Sat, March 30

Saturday, March 30

10:00am to 4:00pm

Class Size: 12

Age: 18+

Price: $80 (HAL Members $75), Students must also pay a supply fee of $45 to cover the cost of 15 grams of clay.

Beads have always been an essential part of jewelry making. In this workshop, students will explore some of the ways to create beads using fine silver metal clay. You will learn to make tube beads, various shaped beads formed over combustible cores, and a lentil bead using dry construction techniques. You will learn about firing and finishing metal clay. Firing will be done in class if time allows; otherwise, the instructor will fire and your work will be available for pick up at the office. The instructor will have a limited amount of additional clay available for purchase. Students can bring a bag of lunch.



Winter 2024 Youth Class Schedule

Youth Drawing and Painting with Carol Gruppe - CLASS FULL

Tuesday, February 6, 13, 20, 27, and March 5, 12 (6 weeks)

5:30 pm to 7 pm

Class size: 10

Ages: 8-12 year olds

Price: $100

This class is perfect for children who want to learn how to draw and paint! During the course, your child will learn some basic drawing techniques while exploring different tools including pencils, pastels, and charcoal. They will also explore color mixing and painting techniques using acrylics to paint a still-life masterpiece on canvas with the main focus on having fun!



For those needing ADA/Accessible accommodations due to limited mobility or wheelchair access, please let the CHTVAC staff know at the time of registration so we can best serve the needs of our students.



The Charles H. Taylor Visual Arts Center is looking for experienced artists in a variety of mediums to teach 6-8 week courses or 1-2 day workshops. Some mediums we have previously offered include watercolor, photography, oils/acrylics, collage, alcohol ink, and oil & cold wax. We are interested in individuals with previous professional teaching experience who may offer mediums outside of our normal repertoire or may offer a new take on a familiar medium.

If interested, please email with your contact information, class proposal (including any class materials), preferred class times (Tuesday-Saturday, daytime or evening), and list of previous classes taught.

*Registration will end five days before the class/workshop start date.*