At The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center, we believe the best way to keep the arts in your life is by creating art throughout your life. Our educational programs allow visitors and students to broaden their understanding and appreciation of art by interacting with art, artists, and instructors, while expressing themselves through the creation of their own artwork.

The Arts Center offers approximately 20 classes in various media for adults and children throughout the year on a quarterly basis. These include drawing, watercolor, painting, photography, yoga and other media. Both one day workshops and multi-week class sessions are available. During the summer, the center offers week long programs for children in a diverse range of mediums.

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Winter 2018 Classes

Registration is open for Winter 2018 Classes! Click the button below to register online and secure your space in class.




Saturday, March 10 at 10am-3pm

Tap into your playful and wise self with SOULCollage®! Developed by Seena Frost, SOULCollage® is a creative process that allows us to access our intuition, deep inner wisdom and healing. We’ll create small, focused cards using images (no words!) from magazines and other media that represent different aspects of ourselves so we can integrate their gifts and guidance. It’s a powerful and fun creative process.

Cost: $100 per registrant



Creating Wellness Series

ART of Daily Living

Saturday, April 21 at 10am-3pm


The ART of Daily Living workshops are a combination of mindfulness practice, artistic creativity, and energy renewal infused with ritual, art, and conversation. With a spirit of collaboration, community, and playfulness, retreat participants will consciously infuse their work with head, heart, and hands, mindfully present to the day.

Facilitator: Suzanne L. Vinson from Richmond, VA

Cost: $100 per registrant